Yoga Therapy Certification

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Yoga Therapy Certification

Yoga Therapy Certification | Yoga Mountain Inc. - Harrington Park, NJ

Mind, Body, Spirit

The field of yoga therapy is new field designed to offer a series of independent sessions provided in a safe and nurturing environment. You will see a wide range of health problems in your practice. Yoga therapy will teach you how to apply yoga to people with different physical and emotional health concerns.

Our yoga therapy certification program runs concurrent with our 200-hour program. You will learn the traditional practices that are 3000 years old. Classes are designed to cover all aspects of yoga teaching. The type of yoga you practice will be based largely on your interests. There is no set rule on how much education you require, but you do have to be certified.

Yoga therapy can both prevent and cure illness. You will help your client to modify the poses in order to obtain maximum benefit for them. Over time, the movements will become easier and necessary to modify as you go along. You will learn how to develop and modify movement based on need.

Commitment to Help Others

If you are committed to helping others, our yoga therapy certification program is the right choice for you. With yoga therapy, you will be able to help other people become physically and mentally healthy. In general, the amount of training you need depends on the type of therapy you will be doing.

Our teachers are dedicated to helping you reach your potential. You will gain knowledge of different physical and emotional conditions. Yoga therapy offers you the knowledge to offer a safe environment to your clients, assisting them with improving their health.