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Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga Therapy Certification

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Teacher Certification | Yoga Mountain Inc.

We offer instruction in a wide array of yoga fields: children, seniors, healing yoga, yoga therapy, and classroom yoga.

Yoga Therapy Certification | Yoga Mountain Inc.

Our yoga therapy certification program runs concurrent with our 200-hour program. You will learn the traditional practices that are 3000 years old.

Yoga Therapy | Yoga Mountain Inc.

We have a large group of yoga therapists certified to work with you. Yoga is used as a tool to heal you while taking your limitations into consideration.

Mindfulness, alertness, compassion, and commitment; these are essential to the practice of yoga. At Yoga Mountain, we explore them all — along with asana, pranayama and meditation — in an open-minded, adventurous spirit.

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We Offer Certifications

Mindfulness, alertness, compassion, and commitment are essential to the practice of yoga. Before you can teach yoga, you need to obtain certification, and that’s where we come in.

At Yoga Mountain, we believe we are all beginners at heart, and provide hands-on training to make learning an enjoyable experience. We offer certification programs for 200-hour, 500-hour and Professional Yoga Therapy, which are all approved by the Yoga National Alliance.

Teaching Our Leaders

Yoga Mountain Inc. helps social workers, parents, physical therapists and educators to become certified yoga instructors. Our courses are designed to provide a comprehensive foundation for teaching yoga in the classroom to enhance academic performance.

Our Founder

Gail Bentley Walsh is the founder and co-director of Yoga Mountain Inc. Providing yoga instruction for more than 20 years, she was been approved as an alternative healthcare provider in 1998 by the Oxford Health plan and HIP NY.

A former Peace Corps volunteer, Gail began teaching yoga to public and private school teachers to enhance the learning experience. Believing that academic performance can be enhanced by teaching self-regulation to students in grades K-12, she designed here certification courses specifically for teaching yoga in the classroom.>Please visit our Young Mountain website.

Upon completion of our courses, you will be equipped to practice safely and teach others.

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